Exercise your activity in serenity!

Across Europe, climate change has seen violent storm events rise by 350% in the past ten years, meaning that managing storm risk is a growing concern for weather-dependent industries. Storms are one of the hardest meteorological phenomena to accurately forecast, causing severe economic and security risk in weather-dependent industries.

The annual economic impact of storm damage worldwide was estimated to reach $25 Billion in 2015, a figure which is set to grow as the incidence of storms increases. This includes damage to buildings, industrial infrastructures and transport, as well as the cost of interrupted service in the transport, energy and telecommunications sectors.

Storm events represent significant security risks for industrial workers, members of the public or even animals. Injuries are caused by strong winds, falling trees, flooding and lightning strikes.

Service sector

Anticipating a stormy phenomenon upstream is synonymous with improving the efficiency of services. Public or private, they are directly concerned and impacted by climate hazards. These services have a mission to protect property and people. They are actors and guarantors of the good functioning of the territory and its communication networks: local authorities, emergency services and police, networks or water and sanitation, transport & logistics, aeronautics and space, insurance …

Outdoor sector

Outdoor activities and events include sports, recreation, culture, tourism, and even education. Sports clubs and sports fields, flying clubs, amusement and leisure parks, ski areas, leisure and aerated centers, holiday villages, campsites, festivals, concerts … These events, structures and their public are subject to bad weather, where a dual responsibility of their managers and organizers.

Agriculture sector

Farmers have a daily need for weather, whether they are arboriculturists, winemakers, grain farmers, breeders or market gardeners. We know that the risk of hail is the heart of your concerns: loss of turnover, customer, contractual inconvenience, radiation by insurers … Thus the consequences of hail on your crops and your business are extremely heavy. Storm risks are becoming increasingly difficult to predict and the available weather models can not meet this demand. Indeed the instabilities of the atmosphere give life to stormy cells, they will move over your farms regardless of the time day or night!


Industrial sector

Safeguarding personnel, shutting down a production line, protecting the environment …

Industry players are affected by the direct or indirect impact of severe weather events. In some cases, their activities are subject to anti-storm standards. These are activities in many areas: buildings and public works, sensitive industrial or chemical sites, classified, the industry of energy, networks, defense and other sites also, type of assembly line, car parks.

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