innovation, Innovation at Selerys
innovation, Innovation at Selerys

SKYPROTECT innovation, a sustained R & D program.

In the past 10 years, 9 out of 10 farms have been affected by hail. This evolution is linked to global warming, which has also transformed the nature of storm phenomena.We are facing new phenomena that are very compact, fast and violent. These thunderstorm cells can experience very short lifetimes, travel up to 60km / h and experience devastating issues. This is why SELERYS wishes to conduct an R&D project to bring even more competitive solutions to the highly localized weather forecast market.

SELERYS ‘vision is to face the climatic hazards and their evolutions with its customers. In this perspective SELERYS invests every year a significant part of its revenues in innovation. Its innovation policy is 100% focused on anticipating and managing stormy risks, for sensitive weather activities.

SKYPROTECT, a flagship project of the SELERYS innovation roadmap at 3 years old. It benefits from the financial support of the PACA Region and the European Union within the framework of an ERDF program as well as the BPI (Public Investment Bank).

An immediate forecast weather network system:

  • New sensor to evaluate the convection of storm cells.
  • Stereo vision that consists of the mesh of the territory, with radars’ networking. The goal is to reconstruct the atmosphere in 3D and provide relevant forecasts at the scale of a productive territory.

334 973,92€

ERDF European Regional Development Fund managed by the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region