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LAICOTM is a complete solution allowing operators to perform reactive, safe and efficient aerial cloud seeding. It gathers a manual or a remotely controlled launcher, and a unique intelligent balloon. With LAICOTM you’ll be able to seed the clouds in less than 10 minutes. In its standard version, each balloon can embark either with 23g of silver iodide or 220g of hygroscopic salts, up to 2000 m altitude, and fits with civil air regulations.

LAICOTM NOMAD, a smart manual balloon inflator. LAICO NOMAD systeme anti-grêleThis solution combines flexibility and dynamism for an efficient and safe cloud seeding. Thanks to its embedded processing unit, LAICOTM Nomad inflator.

LAICOTM SOBLI, a self operating balloons launcher instrument. Laico Sobli anti hailA self-operating instrument remotely controlled for aerial cloud seeding

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