Balloon LAICO
anti-hail system

The number of thunderstorm episodes has increased by 400% in the past 10 years.

A farmer has a 90% risk of enduring hail within 5 years.

100% of hail events anticipated thanks to SKYDETECT ™

LAICO is the first aerial vector dedicated to fight against hail used in France. Used by thousands of farmers, LAICO is patented and helps you prevent hail in compliance with regulations and without noise pollution.

SOBLI is a remote controlled LAICO balloon launcher.

With a single SMS command, you can remotely launch up to 3 balloons in less than 5 minutes, wherever you are.

The strong points


For territories of all sizes
Easy to use
No noise pollution
Complies with regulations
Better transfer rate

With a coverage of 60km (37 miles) in diameter and real-time analysis, SKYDETECT ™ anticipates storms 7 days a week & 24 hours a day

SKYDETECT ™ technology is a reliable and efficient detection system that allows you to detect the risk of hail upstream, so you never miss any event!

Observe and detect : A new generation antenna, which detects, in real time, within a radius of 30 kilometers (19miles), 100% of high intensity weather phenomena, day and night.

Analyze and anticipate : Thanks to the signal continuously transmitted by the radar antenna, the weather analysis software continuously calculates the shape, intensity and danger of clouds with extreme precision.

Take action : As soon as the risk of hail is detected, SKYDETECT ™ alerts you up to 2 hours before the event by SMS or email.

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