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Weather decision support software

Optimise weather decisions process concentrating all the meteorological data in one digital platform : CIRRUS

CIRRUS provides highly competitive & ergonomic weather decision environment. This GIS real time & HD display platform is able to treat every type of meteorological data via layers in order to enhance user experience and stay focused on operations.

CIRRUS embarks features & algorithms leading to an ever-growing precision and accuracy. Available anytime, anywhere on any device, CIRRUS is a complete digital platform build to help our partners taking complex decisions faster.

User experience
Advanced features
Data science optimization


Simplify the way you read your data

High standard digital interface for live HD atmospheric monitoring

  • Dynamic map
  • Sensors layers
  • HD & real time display
  • Contextual display
  • Nomad access – available on tab & smart phone


In-platform tools to simplify your decision process

  • Cell tracking
  • Nowcast
  • Archives
  • Actions reports
  • Stock management
  • Alerting (mail, sms, vocal)
  • Users management
  • Individual setup



Enhance your decision support process thanks to tailor made Artificial Intelligence tools.

  • Vigilance
  • Probability of Storm / Lightning / Hail

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