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Cloud Seeding Tools OEM

The most competitive and simpliest cloud seeding vector

LAICOTM is a complete solution allowing operators to perform reactive, safe and efficient aerial cloud seeding. It gathers a manual or a remotely controlled launcher, and a unique intelligent balloon. With LAICOTM you’ll be able to seed the clouds in less than 10 minutes. In its standard version, each balloon can embark either with 23g of silver iodide or 220g of hygroscopic salts, up to 2000 m altitude, and fits with civil air regulations.

High transfer rate




A unique balloon technology as an intelligent vector

With 1m3 of helium, each LAICOTM smart balloon brings 23 gms of silver iodide or 220 gms of hygroscopic salt at the base of the cloud. LAICOTM smart balloon embeds a microchip which role is to lighten the flare that will spread the agent upon specific parameters.

LAICOTM SOBLI, a self operating balloons launcher instrument

A self-operating instrument remotely controlled for aerial cloud seeding

LAICOTM SOBLI provides with autonomous technologies for remotely controlled, efficient, reactive and safe cloud seeding for hail risk mitigation or rain / snow enhancement. Up to 6 balloons can be pre-loaded in LAICOTM SOBLI’s standard version.

Thanks to its embedded processing unit, LAICOTM SOBLI automates the cloud seeding proccess:

  • Remotely commands balloons launch through SMS
  • Checks the flares connected to each balloon for safe flights
  • Transmits flight plans to the smart seeding balloons
  • Inflates the balloons with the optimum quantity of helium
  • Launches the balloons automatically once the inflation is over
  • Provides SOLBI’s instrumentation remote global monitoring (gas, flares & balloons stocks, security checks…).

LAICOTM NOMAD, a smart manual balloon inflator

This solution combines flexibility and dynamism for an efficient and safe cloud seeding. Thanks to its embedded processing unit, LAICOTM Nomad inflator:

  • Checks the flare connected to the balloon for a safe flight
  • Transmits the flight plan to the smart balloon.
  • Inflates the balloon with the optimum quantity of helium.
  • Launches the balloon automatically once the inflation is over.

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